• Babies & Nursing

    Nutrition while nursing is just as critical as nutrition during pregnancy. Breast milk is the healthiest option for women and their infants, as it contains antibodies that protect infants against diseaseinfo, and it encourages better post-delivery healinginfo. As women’s food intakes during lactation need to meet their own needs in recovering from childbirth, as well as their infants’ needs, dietary needs increase for many macro- and micronutrients.info During nursing, moms should consume a nutrient-rich diet, featuring healthy foods and beverages, to ensure a healthy recovery and optimal growth and development of their baby. Remaining on a prenatal supplement through lactation can help to meet nutrient needs if getting enough through diet is difficult.

    Learn more about key nutrients: Omega-3 DHA, Vitamin A, Iodine

    As babies’ brains grow fastest during the first six months of life, nursing moms need to consume DHA to supply enough healthy fats for their baby’s developing brain.[1]

    Avoiding vitamin A deficiency is important for nursing moms and their infants as vitamin A is required for normal vision and cell division. Low levels of vitamin A translate to low levels of vitamin A in breast milk.[1]

    Iodine is an essential mineral for thyroid hormones, which support normal growth and development of the baby. Nursing moms need to ensure that their iodine intakes are high enough for both themselves and their infants.[1]